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Here’s a list of P things I’ve been thinking about lately:

Panting cats

Pink Paint

Passive Aggressive




Jason Whetzell using my IM

Decided to reblog an oldie but goodie.

Sevan: fuck you

Abed: huh

Sevan: dude shut up

Abed: what did I do this time

Sevan: I can’t believe you sometimes

Abed: what?

Abed: the hell did I do

Sevan: ugh

Sevan: now I’m going to have to clean up another mess made by you

Abed: what?

Abed: what mess?

Sevan: seriously

Abed: what did i do

Sevan: have some self awareness

Abed: like what?

Abed: what did I do

Abed: can you tell me what it is I did?

Abed: and stop being so cryptic

Sevan: I love your heart

Sevan: but I hate your mind

Abed: the hell is wrong with you

Abed: is this Jason?

Abed: or James?

Abed: cause I’m not enjoying this

Abed: if so you guys are sick

Abed: and need therapy badly

Abed: can you please tell me what the fuck I did already

Abed: and never say you love my heart cause that really sounds wrong

Abed: hello?

Abed: gonna tell  me or what?

Abed: you gonna tell me?

Abed: I know this isn’t Sevan

Abed: you piece of shit

Abed: fuck yu

Abed: I hope you die

Abed: I mean the gall

Abed: how dare you

Abed: fucker

Abed: I really don’t deserve this

Abed: I’m in a bad state right now

Abed: and you fucked me up

Abed: so die

Abed: fucker

Abed: if you only knew what I was going through you wouldn’t have pulled this stunt you piece of shit

Abed: I’m reallly depressed and don’t need this

Abed: in a very fragile state of mind

Abed: fuck you

Abed: good luck sleeping tonight whoever you are

Abed: cause in your dreams I’m gonna kill youu

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Psychic Abilities (featuring Freshly Squeez’d) with beats by Krocky Meshkin - Walking to the Wispy

From the upcoming ep Hell Yo

gonna gonna get a crispa crispy

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(registered in the Cook Islands*)

British comedy at it’s finest

Amazing show.  Highly recommended.




(registered in the Cook Islands*)

British comedy at it’s finest

Amazing show.  Highly recommended.

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Another text conversation with a stranger!!

I’ll preface this to let you know that this is a collaboration and we all thought she was talking about a porn.

Stranger:  Hey girl its me blanca .if possible can kevin barrow an empty room he is making a movie

Me: Hey how’s it?  Its not a good time because of the baby.

Me: Oh my god don’t tell anyone I just told you that

Stranger: For tomorrow at !0am not tonight

Me: The baby is still gonna be here, how many people, girls, boys?

Stranger: 2 girl and 2 boys ur brothers baby or connie

Me: Connie’s.  What’s the scene?

Stranger: A sit down documentary 2 chairs 1 Table and interview  ahora si se fue connie

Me: Sorry I thought you were someone else, you got the wrong number, good luck with the shoot.

Stranger: Mejor pero q no se valla luego cuando el la llame q se friege y q le pida child support

Stranger: Its me blanca i dont have my phone im using jasons phone

Me: Sona laura. Di dove se?

(Way to go Laura!  You ruined it with your Italian.)

AMAZING Scientology Tom!!!

Time to adopt a new cat right?

Time to adopt a new cat right?

My ultimate thoery on LOST?

   It’s gonna come down to the age old combat myth.  The cave of light represents chaos.  A wild beast always comes out of the sea, or chaos, and the creator needs to destroy it symbolizing creation.  With Lost the creator/the Word, Jack, needs to destroy the wild beast, smoke monster, so that the universe isn’t destroyed by chaos.

   The island is Eden/Atlantis and the cave is the flaming sword barrier to the tree of knowledge of good and bad and the tree of life.  Jacob was the cherub placed there by the Godhead to protect the trees, the source of life, death, rebirth, from entropy and humanity.

   Every so often monothiesm turns into polytheism, the dichotomey of the world is split into good and evil.  The mother, encompassing both good and evil, was superceded by Jacob and the man in black.  Both must become one again.  God and Satan cannot be separate.  Yin and Yang is the balance of matter and universe.

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